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NetworkHero is a service of DataOne Networks, located in Ocala, Florida. Beginning in 1994, DataOne Networks started developing a mission statement that defines our radical approach to Information Technology.

You see, from our perspective, Information Technology isn’t in the ivory tower any longer. Instead, a network has to take its rightful place – supporting the business it operates within as a source of strength to every staff member, executive, customer, and partner.

Our top priority is to help our customers make informed decisions about the best technology solutions for their business. DataOne is committed to long-lasting partnerships with our customers to help them grow their business. From reduced downtime to increased productivity, the strength that we serve our customers with improves response times to their clients. As a result, they are positioned to achieve greater gains.

And that’s our mission: to serve our customers by helping them leverage technology to grow their business.

And from that mission, NetworkHero was born.

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