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"Patch Management Software to Keep Your Network Up and Running..."

Patch Software

Network Hero's Patch Management Software enables you to keep your servers, computers, and workstations current with the latest security patches and updates. Our Patch Management Software is continuously searching for new updates for your network.

Network Hero's Patch Management provides you with an automated discovery system that recovers and installs all of your missing patches and updates. Afterwards, our Patch Management Software allows you to view your complete patch history with the Patch Manager web user interface.

Our Patch Management Software can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and it doesn't required that you have a staff full of technical consultants for you to begin using it. You can also access it remotely from anywhere and doesn't require that you change your current configuration of your network infrastructure. To get your computers up-to-date today just download our Free 30 day Trial and test it out for yourself today!

Network Hero's Patch Management Software Key Features Include:

  • Complete Automated Patch Discovery and Patch Deployment
  • Patch Management RollBack Feature
  • History and Reporting Option
  • Patch Management Software that's Easy to Use
  • Fast Patch Discovery and Patch Deployment

Term Definitions
Patch Management - Just a couple years ago, patch management was hardly an issue with companies that operated a network infrastructure. These companies would just install their security software and let it be, paying no mind to the updates and patched that require attention on a daily basis. With the spread of malicious code that target known weaknesses on network systems that are not patched, accompanied with the expense and downtime that they bring, is the real reason many organizations focus on patch management today. This along with identity theft and the want to have better control over your information assets, and you now have all the reasons in the world to be concerned with patch management and managed services providers.

Patch Management Software - The patch software used in conjunction with network monitoring. One of the many different faces that network monitoring wears is that of Patch Management.

Patch Deployment- Patch deployment is the phase of the patch management process that the installation and deployment of updating and installing patches and updates to your network systems takes place.

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